Brahmari Pranayama | Deep Breathing Exercise

Brahmari Pranayama - Bee Buzzing Sound

Yoga is composed of many different exercise techniques. One of the important techniques in yoga is pranayama or breathing exercises. There are several breathing exercises that one can practice. Each of these exercises has several benefits. One such deep breathing exercise is Brahmari pranayama. Brahmari when literally translated means buzzing bee. This is one of the many relaxation breathing exercises that help the body release tension and increase aerobic capacity.

Brahmari pranayama is considered excellent for making the breathing process smooth. It can also quiet your mind and ease out anxiety and tension. In brahmari pranayama, a humming sound is made from the throat. This sound is made gently and smoothly, allowing the throat to open up. As the vibrations move from the face and jaws to the throat, it improves concentration, confidence and memory.

Breathing Relaxation Techniques

This is one of the few relaxation breathing techniques that can be practiced by anyone without the supervision of a qualified instructor. This is a simple and straight forward practice that doesn’t require any specific posture or rhythm. The exhalation is extended and is considered especially beneficial for women who are pregnant. Those women who are preparing for labor also find this technique to be very beneficial.

The humming breath clears the throat and benefits those who sing. This is particularly good for singers because it stimulates the vocal chords rendering a sweetness to the voice of the practitioner.

Unlike other relaxation breathing exercises, in this exercise, a bee buzzing sound is made only for two to three minutes. To practice this technique, first inhale through both nostrils partially allowing your glottis to close. Make a snoring sound while inhaling and then exhale slowly while emitting a bumbling sound. Aim for a long exhalation, extending your breath as much as you possibly can. Repeat this a few times.

Like other pranayama techniques, brahmari pranayama also helps you to build a deep connection with the life force that flows through your body. Brahmari pranayama also helps reduce stress and anxiety both from the body and the mind, helping to improve the overall wellbeing. The inhalation and the exhalation techniques help to relax and soothe the vocal chords. It also clears the throat and helps to invigorate the thyroid gland. When the thyroid gland is thus stimulated, the metabolism of the body improves. The brahmari technique also improves the balance in the hormonal secretions and blood sugar.

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