Yoga for Ovarian Cysts | Causes and Treatment

What is an Ovarian Cyst?

Ovarian cysts are small sacs that are filed with fluid, and they affect women in their reproductive ages. There are several different types of ovarian cysts, some of which can be cured using medication and surgery, and others that can be cured by using alternative treatment for ovarian cysts, like yoga.

Here are some of the different types of ovarian cysts:
  1. Functional cysts: These are small cysts that keep reducing in size after each menstrual cycle and generally disappear on their own. These cysts happen only in women who are still in their reproductive age and are rarely seen in women who have experienced menopause.
  2. Dermoid cysts: These are made up of different tissue and may contain skin and hair.
  3. Endometrioma cysts: In this kind of a condition, cysts made up of material from the endometrial layer attach themselves to the ovaries. These have to be removed by an ablation surgery.
  4. Cystadenoma cysts: These cysts are formed from the tissues of the outer lining of the ovaries themselves.
Some women experience a condition known as polycystic ovaries. This is caused when there are several follicular cysts that make the ovaries thicker. These are a painful ovarian cyst type and can cause problems in ovulation.

What causes Ovarian Cysts?

Though ovarian cysts can develop due to many reasons, irregular menstrual cycles are the topmost reason why these cysts develop. If a woman has had a history of ovarian cysts, she may develop them again at a later stage in life. Some of the other causes of ovarian cysts are increased distribution of fat in the upper body, onset of menstruation at a very young age, hormonal imbalances, and medications for cancers.

Yoga for Ovarian Cysts

Though women with ovarian cysts should avoid all inverted poses, there are other sitting and standing poses that a woman can practice. Postures in which you have to lie on your back are also great for curing ovarian cysts. The Corpse Pose or Shavasana is a great pose that can help you cure these painful cysts. You can also try pranayama, which consists of various breathing techniques. These techniques help improve lung capacity and therefore, blood circulation throughout the body. Along with the yoga postures and pranayama, it is also important to have a sattvik diet. This means that during the time of your treatment, try to have a simple, vegetarian diet. This can aid the body in curing itself.