Standing Yoga for poor blood circulation in Legs

Our body has a very complex mechanism of maintaining its health. The normal functioning of the human body depends on the supply of life forces like oxygen and nutrition. Several systems work together to make the body function efficiently. The digestive system breaks down food to release glucose and energy. The respiratory system takes in oxygen, converts it into carbon dioxide and expels it from the body. The blood carries oxygen as well as the energy to various organs so that they can keep functioning well. The renal system filters the blood to rid it of any undesirable substances and toxins.

Together, all these systems help maintain our health. If even a small failure takes place in any of the systems, the entire body may experience functioning problems.

Blood Circulation in Legs

Blood circulation is the one system that helps bind all the organs together. Blood circulation problem can cause complications in the other systems of the body. The heart pumps blood so that it can reach all of the body. However, there are many factors that may affect blood circulation. The lower limbs of the body are especially prone to poor circulation of blood. Blood circulation in the legs may suffer several setbacks because of the gravitational pull of the earth and the wear and tear of the venous valves.

How to Improve Blood Circulation in Legs?

Since the functioning of all organs depends on blood circulation, poor blood circulation in legs can cause a lot of problems. Standing yoga poses and postures can help improve circulation of blood, especially in the legs. Here’s how to improve blood circulation in the legs.

Yoga has been known to have positive effects on both the health of the heart and blood circulation. Yoga has also been often used for normalizing blood pressure. Some of the popular poses for improving blood circulation in the legs are the warrior pose and the triangle pose. Both these poses help improve the efficiency of the blood circulation and muscle action. These help strengthen the muscles in the lower limbs, allowing them to contract and expand better. The muscle valves in the lower extremities are also strengthened and their overall functioning is improved.

The pump effect of the valves, that allows the blood vessels in the legs to push the blood back towards the heart, is also improved by these poses. Other standing yoga postures like the mountain pose and the tree pose can also help prevent buildup of cholesterol which can cause potential circulation problems.

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