Yoga Cure for Hydrocele | Causes & Treatment

What is Hydrocele?

A hydrocele is an ailment which occurs in the scrotum due to the collection of serous fluid in it. This accumulation of the serous fluid is caused due to any defects in the scrotum. An irritation in the tunica vaginalis may also cause this problem.

Hydrocele Causes

This can be a painful condition and makes movement extremely difficult. This is a congenital defect and is usually present right from the birth. However, if the condition occurs after infancy, it could be caused due to malignancy, problems in circulation, and infections. Apart from these, other hydrocele causes include tumors and external traumas.

While there is a treatment for hydrocele available, yoga has proven to be the easiest and cheapest alternative methods of treatment for this disorder. Yoga is simple to perform and doesn’t cause any side effects. It also doesn’t require any special equipment. Though if you are new to yoga, you may require some guidance, it is possible to perform most yogic techniques with minimum instruction.

Hydrocele Cure

There haven’t been any studies which claim that yoga can cure hydrocele. However, along with other treatments for hydrocele, yoga should also be tried.

One of the most effective yoga asanas (postures) to provide relief from hydrocele is the Vajrasana or the Thunderbolt pose. This pose can help benefit many ailments. However, this pose is especially beneficial for those who are suffering from ailments that originate from the pelvic region. There are other variations of this pose that can also help reduce inflammation in the testicular region.

If you are able to perform this pose regularly, you will be able to realize its potential benefits. In fact, not only can the Vajrasana help relieve pain in the testicular area, but it also helps you improve your digestion. Vajrasana can also help in the treatment of other disorders like peptic ulcers, piles, hernia, hyperacidity, and other disorders of the digestive system.

The best way to do this posture is to first take a sitz bath for about half an hour and then perform the Vajrasana. You can also draw a sitz bath and sit in the Vajrasana position in the bathtub. If you are unable to sit in a cross legged position due to the pain, practicing the Vajrasana position can help ease the pain so that you can sit more comfortably. This pose will also help you strengthen your spine and the muscles in your legs.