Yoga Exercises for Increasing Height

A lot of people prefer to practice yoga in order to stay fit. There are many benefits of yoga - some physical, some emotional, and some spiritual. The fact is that yoga can help you become healthier and improve your quality of life.

Yoga is composed of poses, postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Together, these have different effects on different parts of the body. Yoga has been widely accepted as one of the best alternative healing techniques due to its many benefits and its ability to provide relief in many chronic and acute conditions.

Exercises to Increase Height

There are also many who choose yoga over other exercises for losing weight and toning the body. While yoga is in itself a complete fitness regime, there is something about yoga that not many know. Yoga has many exercises to increase height.

Exercises to Get Taller

It is commonly known that height cannot increase after the onset of puberty; however, if your muscles and joints get the right kind of stretch, it is possible to increase height even after puberty. Yoga helps you correct your posture so that your spine is always straight and therefore, is able to grow. There are many exercises to get taller within yoga. These height increasing exercises focus on stretching the muscles along the spinal column so that they become flexible and can elongate easily.

There stretching exercises to increase height require you to stretch your body to a point where you can feel the muscles expanding. If you are still in the phase where you are experiencing a growth spurt, practicing height increasing yoga can help you gain 3-4 inches and in some cases, even more. Instead of painful height increasing surgery, it is better to practice yoga which is both painless and free of side effects.

Height Increasing Yoga

You can practice core power yoga. This not only helps you increase your stamina but also enables you to stretch and lengthen the muscles of your body. Some of the other effective yoga exercises to increase height are the Ardha Kurmasana or the half tortoise pose, Bhujangasana or the snake pose, Dandayamana Janushirasana or the Standing Head to Knee Pose and the Ardha Matsyendrasana or the half spinal twist pose.

You can also use an exercise ball to help you stretch the muscles in your back. If you want to increase your height through exercise, another great way is to mix together yoga and Pilates. You can perform Pilates on one day and follow it up with yoga on the next.