Hot Yoga to Burn Calories | Bikram's Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga Benefits

Bikram yoga is a discipline that is named after its founder, Bikram Choudhury. The discipline, which has recently gained a lot of popularity because of the different styles of yoga incorporated into it, has also been in the news for its copyright issues.

Bikram hot yoga, however, is one form of yoga that is extremely popular, especially with those who are looking to lose weight quickly. After a typical hot yoga session, you will come out of the studio red-faced and completely drenched in sweat. This is because the entire premise of hot yoga is heat.

Bikram Yoga Poses

In a hot yoga session, the studio in which this exercise is performed is heated to a temperature of 100-105 degrees. The humidity is therefore high, with an index of around 40%. The entire session is made up of a sequence of 26 bikram yoga poses. Since the entire discipline is copyrighted, a hot yoga session is exactly the same all over the world. These positions are designed to increase the kinetic energy of the body, and the high heat allows the body to sweat and lose weight.

Calories Burned in Hot Yoga

A hot yoga session, though usually not stressful, can be a little tiring. A session lasts for about ninety minutes, during which, you have stay inside the heated facility. In some studios, there may be a break in the session after the first forty-five minutes. There are twelve standing postures after which the exercise breaks into 14 floor exercises. These exercises are a little more challenging than your normal yoga routine. This is because the discipline is aimed at burning calories and losing weight.

Bikram Yoga Benefits

The exercises require a lot of strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance. The basic philosophy of the discipline is that the spine needs to be strengthened in order to lead a healthy and happy life. Though not scientifically proven, it is believed that hot yoga benefits include improved digestive functioning of the body, increased strength and flexibility of the spine, improved circulation, especially in the flow of blood to the brain, and finally, burning of a lot of calories. If you consider the calories burned, hot yoga is the best alternative.

The calories you burn in a Bikram’s hot yoga session depend on your body weight and your sex. Roughly calculated, in a ninety-minute hot yoga session, you would lose as many calories as you would by jogging nine miles. Since jogging can be rather strenuous, a lot of people prefer to attend a hot yoga session than jog such a long distance.