How many Calories Burned during Yoga?

If you are watching your weight, calorie counting becomes an integral part of your daily activities. The principle behind fat loss is ingesting less calories than you can burn. If you want to maintain your weight, you need to consume just the amount of calories that you can burn. Though theoretically this seems like a sound calculation, in practice it can become a little difficult to keep track of the calories that you are burning.

Yoga Calories

Yoga calories counting is especially different, because different forms of yoga result in different amounts of calories getting burned. You may wonder how many calories actually get burned during a yoga session. Yoga can help you burn as many calories as you burn during a cardio workout. Though the calories burned in yoga depend a lot on the poses, postures, and the type of yoga you are practicing, on an average, you can burn about 200 calories per hour. You can raise this number by intensifying the yoga routine. If you can challenge yourself in an hour long session, you can, in fact, even increase the amount of calories you burn.

Calories Burned in Yoga

Here are the different types of yoga you can perform and a yoga calorie counter for each of the types of yoga:
  • Hatha yoga, though a gentle form of yoga, is most commonly practiced. Hatha yoga focuses on breathing techniques. The way the basic postures flow in and out of each other also follow specific techniques of breathing. The calories burned in yoga are the same as in a slow walk. You can burn about 175 calories per hour while practicing the poses of Hatha yoga.
  • The right limbs of yoga come alive in Ashtanga yoga. There are six sets of yoga practices in Ashtanga yoga. The series of practices that are included are progressively difficult. Since the difficulty level is higher in Ashtanga yoga than in Hatha yoga, the calories burned during yoga are also more. You can burn 300 calories during yoga when you practice this form.
  • Power yoga is a more intensified and Americanized version of Ashtanga yoga. The transition from one pose to another is rapid. Since this style of yoga is extremely power packed, a single session of power yoga is shorter than that of the other yoga styles. Since the pace of the poses and transitions is quicker than in the other forms, a power yoga class lasts about 45 minutes. The benefits, however, are the same. A single session of Power yoga can help you lose 300 calories, which is equal to one hour of brisk walking.


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