Yoga as a Preventive Therapy

Yoga is an ancient discipline which attempts to unite the individual self with the pure life force or a higher consciousness. The sole purpose of this discipline is union - the union of body, mind and soul or the union of the individual and the almighty. In accordance with ancient Hindu literature, yoga stresses on the cyclical concept of karma. Karma is considered cyclical because it has a cause and effect relationship in which your actions invite results and the results lead to further action, paving the road of your life and your destiny.

While this is the inherent philosophy of yoga, it can even be viewed in terms of health. A person, who works in order to improve health naturally, will be full of vigor and good health that will help further his causes. His good health will be instrumental in achieving not only an industrious life but also a happy and peaceful one. Whereas, a person who gets trapped in the cycle of ill health, will only have more ill health to reap.

Yoga and You

Today, it is easy to fall into the trap of ill health because of the often hectic lives that we lead and the constant stress that we expose ourselves to. Yoga and meditation can help us break this cycle of ill health and make conscious efforts in order to remedy our health. Meditation helps to increase concentration while also easing tension out of both the body and mind.

Yoga health benefits are many. It is a healthy form of exercise with which you can cure diseases and make your body strong enough to resist potential health risks. Yoga also helps you control the aging process by keeping both your mind and body stress free, and fresh. Yoga also helps to convert both, your psychological and physical force into spiritual energy.

Yoga as therapy

The postures practiced in yoga help activate accumulated energies or ‘Prana’ in the body. These energies, more commonly known as the life energy, when left accumulating, can cause ailments. The yogic breathing exercise known as Pranayama attempts to clear out blockages in the body which prevent the free flow of this life energy. The toxins that act as blockages can be flushed from the body and mind not only through breathing techniques but also by using various postures and techniques. Physically, yoga acts as a preventive therapy that helps to eliminate free radicals from the body, massage the internal organs, realign the body, relieve stress, rejuvenate and reinvigorate both body and mind, and finally increase stamina and immunity.