Yoga exercise to Reduce and Tone Buttocks

Exercise for buttocks

The buttocks are one area of the body where the gluteal muscles are densely concentrated. This is especially true in the case of women who even after trying hard may not be able to lose this fat. The gluteal muscles are difficult to tone down and as a result one may feel helpless about what to do with them. However yoga and the holistic workout regime that it presents can be used to tighten, strengthen and tone muscles around the area.

Yoga consists of a series of challenging poses which can help in tightening this especially troublesome area. To workout buttocks, it is important to do certain physically challenging exercises so that the obstinate fat in the area can be loosened and finally lost.

When yoga for buttocks is practiced regularly, one may start to see positive results. However, this is a slow process and it will be unreasonable to expect any immediate results. Therefore if you are not able to see results in a few weeks, it is important to continue working out.

How to Reduce Buttocks?

When you are aiming to lose weight, spot reduction of weight is not always entirely possible. In order to lose weight from one part of the body, a variety of measures have to be undertaken in order to lose the over all fat. Specific asanas or yogic poses can target specific areas of the body however, an overall approach is necessary in order to lose fat.

There are several yogic exercises that can help in toning buttocks. Specific postures like the butterfly pose, sun salute, hero pose - both I and II, triangle pose, wind releasing pose, dog pose, angle pose and celibacy pose. Other poses like the chair pose, cat pose and the plank pose can also help work the specific gluteal muscles, enabling loss of weight from around the specific area.

Apart from the yogic exercises, butt clenches which involve contracting and releasing of the muscles situated around the buttocks, are also considered an effective method to tone the buttocks. The best thing about butt clenches is that these can be performed even when you are seated at your desk at work. While walking or doing other activities too, you can work on reducing your buttocks. However, in addition to all these exercises and techniques, it is also important to exercise control over your diet and pay special attention to nutrition.