Yoga for painful hip and hip joint problems

Hip joint pain

For people who are suffering from pain in the joints, exercise is an important aspect to lead a healthy and pain free life. Usually, most joint pains are associated with arthritis. However, hip pain can also be associated with an injury or trauma to the joint. While arthritis is a chronic disorder that takes its toll gradually, trauma to the joint can cause a lot of long term damage.

Regular exercise is an important joint pain remedy. Exercise helps to stretch muscles, allowing pent up stress in the muscles to be released. With regular stretch and light exercise, stiffness in the joints can be remedied. With regular exercise, the joints keep lubricated and therefore function normally. Regular exercise can also help you maintain a healthy weight so that your joints do not have to bear unnecessary weight.

Hip joint pain relief

To treat a painful hip, a cautious approach needs to be taken. If you have been suffering from hip joint problems, it is important to get yourself thoroughly checked by a qualified doctor. Once you have gotten yourself thoroughly checked, the cause of your pain will be clear. If you have any trauma or an injury to your hip joint, the treatment will involve a lot of rest and medications. However, if your hip pain is caused due to the irreversible damage of arthritis, you may need alternative therapies like yoga.

Joint pain yoga has received prominence because of its proven ability to help those who are suffering from debilitating pains in their joints. However, there isn’t any single exercise that can be considered the best. Yoga consists of different stretching exercises called asanas. These different yoga exercises work together to give hip pain joint pain relief and create a gentle movement of the joint which can decrease stiffness in it.

There are many yoga exercises which can help strengthen the muscles of the joint. As the joints become strengthened, their endurance also increases and subsequently pain gets lessened. Some of the commonly performed yoga exercises for hip joints are Tadasana or the mountain pose, Trikonasana or the triangle pose, Parsvakonasana or the extended side angle pose, and Uttanasana or the standing forward bend.

All of these exercises are beneficial for both your back and hip. These enable the muscles to get completely stretched and also help the joints to stay lubricated and healthy. It is best to perform these exercises under the guidance of a qualified yoga instructor.

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