Benefits of Anusara Yoga

What is Anusara Yoga?

Created in 1997 by John Friend, Anusara yoga is a powerful Hatha yoga (most basic style of yoga) practice mixed with Tantrik philosophy. Anusara is a Sanskrit term that means “flowing with grace”. Anusara yoga is fast becoming one of the most practiced forms of yoga in the world. It works on the principle that all beings have an intrinsic goodness present in them. The practice of Anusara yoga poses results in an increase in strength, toning of the muscles, and provides relaxation to the body and mind. There is a strong spiritual component to Anusara yoga like all other yoga styles. The Anusara style of yoga equips you with not just physical strength; it assists in making sure that you are at peace with your mind and your spiritual self as well.

The three A’s of Anusara Yoga

The practice of Anusara Yoga is arranged into three categories - attitude, alignment, and action.
  • Attitude - Attitude is related to a Tantrik concept described as the power and energy of fullness. This concept is termed as “Iccha Shakti”. Attitude brings to surface the relationship with the heart and the force that is behind every action present in the Anusara yoga poses.
  • Alignment - is also a Tantrik concept. It is about the power of awareness of how your various parts are integrated and interconnected.
  • Action - concept of action in Anusara yoga is related to the Tantrik concept that explains the power of action. It is in relation with the natural flow of energy in your body providing stability and freedom.

Benefits of Anusara Yoga

  • Some of the many benefits of Anusara Yoga are:
  • Anusara yoga makes you focus not just on your mental faculties but physical health too. Practicing the Anusara yoga poses helps in creating more awareness about your physical and emotional feelings.
  • It has been proved that you are likely to feel highly energized after an Anusara yoga session. Participants have reported in general that they feel less fatigued, more relaxed and calm after performing the Anusara yoga poses.
  • Anusara yoga poses are considered to be “heart-oriented” or “heart-opening”. This happens because while practicing Anusara yoga, you have the ability to express your inner self and your feelings, which are otherwise lying suppressed or hidden.
  • If one is quite regular with the practice of Anusara yoga then he or she will definitively enjoy a very radiant and healthy lifestyle. People who practice the Anusara yoga poses and techniques are less likely to fall prey to various forms of illness and other disorders. The healing effect that Anusara yoga has on people is very powerful.
  • Anusara yoga ensures great flexibility in the body at all ages. The Anusara yoga poses also stretch out the tendons, ligaments, and muscles and this ends up improving your strength and body posture.
  • The deep and mindful breathing exercises that you learn in Anusara yoga sessions does wonders. It improves your lung capacity. This control over ones breathing is considered to be one of the best stress-busters known to man.