Yoga exercises for pelvic floor muscle pain

Pelvic Floor Muscles

The term pelvic floor muscles is used to describe the muscles that are set from the base of the spine to the pubic bone, this includes the muscles between the legs as well. The pelvic floor muscles hold the bladder and urethra in place. It also lends support in holding the intestines and womb.

Pelvic floor muscles are very important as they dictate and control bladder movements. The pelvic floor muscles tend to weaken with age for both men and women. They also weaken for women during and post pregnancy. They may also weaken due to excessive weight gain.
The most frequent cause of pelvic floor pain is pregnancy and childbirth. The weight of the unborn baby puts great pressure of the body’s pelvic floor muscles. As the baby grows, the muscles get stretch and pulled leading to pelvic floor weakness.

Problems Associated with Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles

Pelvic floor problem lead some embarrassing conditions like urinary incontinence. This means you aren’t able to exercise any control over passing urine. It also causes stress incontinence, which causes small amount of urine to leak through in the middle of regular but sudden movements like laughing, coughing or sneezing. It results in pelvic floor muscle pain and backaches. A weak pelvic floor also causes a loss of sensitivity during intercourse for women.

Fortunately there is a simple way to cure a weak pelvic floor - yoga exercises. Yoga is one of the most effective and stress free routines for pelvic floor strengthening. This is especially true for pregnant women. In fact it is recommended that women trying to conceive adopt the yoga regime and continue it through the pregnancy as this helps with an easier pregnancy and quicker labor.

Yoga for Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles

Yoga provides some excellent pelvic floor muscle exercises. The yoga postures help rehabilitate and strengthen against any weakness; they soothe the pain, increase circulation in these muscles and build endurance. Postures recommended for strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles include Child Pose, Cobra Pose, Fish Pose, Downward Facing Dog, Triangle Pose, Tree Pose, and Shoulder Stand.

It is important to find a good yoga teacher when undertaking yoga for the first time. It is also crucial that you share your physical and medical condition with the trainers. This is so that they can chart a beneficial routine for you, discarding postures that won’t work for rehabilitating ones.