Yoga Symbols for Spiritual Healing

Yoga is a traditional fitness program. Originating in India, it has been practiced for well over 5000 years. It incorporates postures, breathing techniques and meditative practices to create a harmonious balance between the mind, body and spirit. Regular practitioners also recognize the importance of yoga symbols that are incorporated in the routines. These spiritual symbols were designed to enhance the practice, enabling you to embrace the tradition and put you on the path for spiritual healing.

Yoga symbols are known to stimulate and harmonize energy within the body. This energy can then be channelized for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth. There are a number of yoga symbols that are used in daily yoga practice. You’ve probably walked past a yoga symbol everyday without recognizing it.

Yoga Om Symbols – The most commonly used yoga symbol is the Om symbol. According to ancient Hindu philosophy, Om is the eternal word. You may have seen the Sanskrit symbol of Om. It represents four phases of awareness that one has to experience to reach the higher plane. This includes deep sleep, material consciousness, dreamless sleep state, and the ultimate transcendental state. The yoga Om symbols are one of yoga’s most utilized focus enhancing tools. It is used as a chant, repeated continuously during practice. The image is also commonly used as a visual focus aid to keep the mind from distraction. It induces a state of inner peace and harmony. This makes it one of the most popular meditation symbols.

Yoga Chakras – Yogic philosophy states that the body has seven primary energy centers known as yoga chakras. These chakras can be traced along a linear path that runs from the lower edge of the spine to the centre of the crown. Each yoga chakra is represented by a specific color and motif. These chakras play a significant role in maintaining the body’s health as they are energy pools. Each chakra corresponds with a body functions, managing its maintenance and function. When the body’s chakras are imbalanced or blocked, the body’s physical, mental and emotional functions are also imbalanced. They manifest as illnesses and disorders. Through regular chakra yoga practice, these chakras can be accessed and unblocked. Using these techniques you can tap into the chakras and re-energize and strengthen them. This unlocks the flow of therapeutic energy across the body, resetting the body’s balance and restoring health. The seven primary chakras are: Root, Sensual, Power, Heart, Communication, Perception, and Crown.

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