Yoga and Massage: Facial Massage Techniques

Facial Massage

Massage Therapy has been pursued through the ages as a means for detoxifying, relaxing and de-stressing. It forms an integral part of most beauty and relaxation treatments. Facial massage is one of the more commonly practiced branches of massage therapy. A face massage is designed to work the muscles on your face, neck and scalp. This is an excellent and effective non-surgical method for skin rejuvenation.

Facial Massage Technique

Face massage is the technique of muscle and tissue manipulation on the face, neck and scalp. The massage may also include the shoulders and the upper back. The therapy involves applying pressure on the facial muscles and tissue. This pressure is applied by the hands, fists and fingers. A facial massage is given using a series of movements like rubbing, pulling, rolling, kneading, pinching, pushing, and rotating.

A massage therapist may use a variety of massage creams, essential oils and packs to help enhance the benefits of the massage. Ideally a facial treatment lasts anywhere between twenty minutes for a basic massage to forty five minutes for an elaborate face massage technique (this includes a cooling of period as well).

Facial treatments are an effective natural way of retaining ones youthful features. The most convenient aspect of a face massage is that it can be self administered at home on a regular basis. You can use wholesome natural ingredients like essential oils and fruits and herbs in your massage. Regular face massages make a very visible impact on your skin. Gone are the dark circles and the sagging skin. Instead the face looks fresh and energetic.

Benefits of Facial Massage

Face massages help in the maintenance of healthy skin. Given day to day wear and tear, the skin is exposed to a number of harmful agents. These range from harsh weather, pollution, poor nutrition and stress. These elements cause the skin to become dry and dull. The skin on the face looses its elasticity and begins to sag and wrinkle. Effective facial massage techniques exert an adequate amount of pressure on the skin. The repetitive and therapeutic massaging movements help boost circulation to the face. It also helps flush out toxins in the body and stress. It is an excellent remedy for stress headaches and migraines.

The massage doubles as a facial workout. It tones the muscles and stretches them. This makes the skin firm, filling out the wrinkles and bags that had previously formed on the face. This alone reduces the age on your face considerably.

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