Swara Yoga - A Yogic Breathing Exercise

Yoga is the art of manipulating and sculpting your body to perform better by clarifying your mind and spirit. One of the famous yogic ways that puts you in harmony with the whole solar system is Swara yoga.

Swara Yoga - Yoga Breathing Exercise

Swara yoga teaches you to believe that the human body is a unit of the solar system. So, it needs to keep performing according to other members of the solar system including the planets, moon, and sun. Swara yoga is based on the art of breathing and swara yoga teachers have developed different yogic breathing techniques to synchronize your body with its surrounding.

Another important principle used in this form of yoga is that the right and left nostrils are connected to specific activities. So, you breathe mainly through one nostril while performing special activities. For example, if you are playing music then you breathe through your left nostril while you breathe from the right one when you are writing.

Swar yoga can offer a wide variety of benefits. The main objective of these yogic breathing exercises is to maintain peacefulness of the spirit. The first yogic breathing technique is used for calming your mind and body; it is called equal breathing. Sit down and start inhaling while counting to four as a start, and try exhaling in the same time frame. Try changing the count for a longer period but maintain the same time for inhaling and exhaling.

Yoga Breathing Techniques

If you practice power yoga or any type of vigorous yoga then you may want to try the cooling breath technique. It is an easy technique that cools the body down after hard exercises. Sit down in a comfortable seated position with your back upright. Warm up by breathing three times before you start the exercise. Curl your tongue and start inhaling from your mouth then exhale through nostrils.

The ocean breath or the power breath is used when you need extra power while you are practicing hard yoga positions. The idea oscillates about forcing air in and out by constricting the air passage outlet. Try first to practice the ocean breath independently. When you master this technique, perform it in association with other yoga poses. Try to master the exhalation first, as it is the easier part. Exhale while you are constricting the back of your throat. When you master this, you can move to the inhaling part. Maintain the same position of your throat and inhale through your mouth. After a while you will feel the power of the ocean breath and you will learn how to use it perfectly.