Yoga for Double Chin | Reducing Double Chin

How to Lose a Double Chin?

These days, a double chin has become a complement of aging, and a sign of our mental and physical ill health. Because our lifestyles have become more sedentary and we abuse our bodies with junk food, alcohol and colas, obesity is one of the hallmarks of our times. A double chin is nothing more than fat accumulated around the neck, just like belly fat gathers around your belly. Everyone wants to know how to lose a double chin! If you want to get rid of this unattractive and unflattering feature you have little choice but to exercise, unless of course, you want to go in for expensive and dangerous surgical procedures. If you’re wondering how to lose chin fat, keep in mind that you can’t just lose fat on one place, you will have to lose it all over your body!

Exercises to Reduce Double Chin

One form of exercise that Indians, and now people the world over, have been using for thousands of years to be healthy is yoga. Yoga is the ancient for a union of body, mind and breath. This ancient system has many mental and physiological benefits. It increases strength and flexibility, not only for your muscles, but for your joints and internal organs as well. It works to normalise the body and mind, and to free any blockages that have appeared over time. It reverses the aging effects that our stress-filled lifestyles have.

Losing fat through yoga is not easy, and will require dedication and perseverance. Once you start practicing it for a while however, it will become a part of your existence, and you will not be able to go without yoga! Yoga is not about doing just a few poses every day. You will need to incorporate positive changes into your lifestyle. This needs to include endurance and strength training, eating healthy and staying away from unhealthy behavior like intoxicants. Having a strong mind is also part of yoga.

To learn yoga, you should sign-up at a good yoga class, or study with an experienced teacher or guru. Yoga, if done wrong, can have harmful effects, and should only be learnt under supervision. A good guru will help you get in touch with your spiritual centre, and learning how to reduce double chin is actually one of the small by products of this knowledge.

Yoga for double chin is little different from yoga for losing fat. Some poses, or asanas that your guru might teach you include:
  • Bhujangasan or Cobra pose: This asana has you lying on the mat, face down and your arms under your chest. You have to stretch your back upwards to the sky. This asana helps you to stretch your abdomen and strengthen your back.
  • Dhanurasana or Bow pose: Lying face-down, hold your ankles by bending your knees towards your buttocks. Raise your head and shoulder-blades up by pulling at your ankles. Keep this position for 10 seconds. This exercise strengthens your back, and helps your tighten your abdomen.
  • Pavan Muktasana or the Pose to release air: This pose helps you release air inside your stomach. It involves you lying on your back, and pulling your legs into your stomach. You will often pass wind when in this position, but don’t be embarrassed, it’s a good thing!
Remember, that it’s not just these poses. The practice of yoga has thousands of poses, along with breathing exercises and meditation.