Yoga for Sleeping Disorder | Sleeping Problems

Yoga for Sleep Related Problems

While yoga is world renowned for its effective ways of a healthy living, very few know the benefits of this exercise in curing sleep related problems.

Yoga is a form of exercise that works on the union of body mind and spirit. Along with making the body fit and healthy, it also helps a lot in improving blood circulation, muscle and joint flexibility as well as improvement in sleeping habits.

Yoga can help tackle sleep related problems through tension releasing exercises and poses that loosen up the tight muscles and put you into a deep state of relaxation. However, it calls for a bit of work and serious attention. These breathing and stretching exercises are developed to pace down those thoughts racing in your mind. This yoga for sleep helps channel out the flow of stress hormones that the body generates when you are stressed.

There are a few gentle stretching exercises before hitting the sack that can help you relax and get rid of all that tension. All poses in yoga for sleep are aimed at keeping you fit and active during the day so as to make your body feel ready to sleep at night. Certain yoga poses have a calming effect on your body.

Forward bending exercises like the Standing Forward Bend, Head to Knee pose, Downward Facing Dog Pose, and the Seated Forward Bend help in stimulating the response to relaxation and ease the nervous system. There are also supine poses like the Bridge Pose, Reclining Bound Angle Pose and the Reclining Hero Pose. There is also the Supported Shoulder Stand which can be performed right before heading to bed for a good night sleep. Poses like the Plow Pose, Supported Headstand, and the Legs up the Wall Pose are effective in case the sleep deprivation is hormonal.

One can also perform a gentle rhythmic cycle of breathing while resting on the bed to overcome sleep related problems. Before going to bed, one can perform gentle stretching which aids relaxation and releases tension. The Happy Baby pose helps release all the stress from parts like the hips and the lower back while the Goddess Pose opens up the groins. The Corpse Pose which is performed at the end of every yoga session works effectively in relaxing the body and clearing the clutter that the mind may usually be filled with in order to get sound sleep.