Yoga to Tone Breasts | Enhancement & Reduction

There are various reasons that bring about a change in the size of a woman’s breasts. Aspects like age, change in overall body weight, contraceptive pills, and menstrual cycle are some of the causes that lead to a change in the breast size and tone.

Yoga and Breasts

Breasts are made up of fat and do not have any muscle tissues. As a result, any exercise performed with a view to increase or reduce the breast size in fact works on chest muscles that subsequently uphold the breast tissues. Exercises offered in yoga for breast improvement also work on the chest and upper back muscles.

There are exercises for breasts in yoga that can help in reducing them, enhancing them or even toning up the breasts.

Yoga for Breast Enhancement

If a woman is under weight, the size of the breasts is often small. An ideal breast size can also be achieved once you gain the ideal body weight as per the frame. This can be achieved by way of exercise and a balanced diet. Following are some of the yoga poses that help in enhancement of the breast muscles:

Sitting Pose
This is one of the simplest exercises in yoga. Seat yourself on the floor and fold your hands at the elbow as if you are praying. Press the base of the palms against each other, count till five and release. Perform this repeatedly for one min for twice or thrice every day.

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose
For this pose, lie flat on the floor on the stomach with your chin touching the floor. Now slip your hands under the thighs and stretch your toes upwards. Now raise your upper body with the help of your elbows from the ground until your arms turn straight. But while are you doing this, keep the lower areas like the pelvis, thighs and feet held firmly to the ground. Stay in this pose for 15 seconds.

Push-up exercises can really help enhance the breast muscles.

Yoga for Breast Reduction

It is important to note that yoga as an exercise can help reduce one’s overall body weight instead of the weight of a particular part in the body. Moreover, the size of the breasts depends a lot on the inherited genes. Poses like Ashtanga and Power yoga can help tremendously in burning unwanted calories. Power yoga should be performed in a room that is climate controlled so as to help enhance the rate of metabolism thereby, helping in burning the calories.

Certain resistance exercises also prove useful in toning up the breasts. One such yoga exercise is Paschimottanasan (Spinal Stretch). If practiced regularly, this asana helps cope with several chest and abdomen related disorders.

Yet another frequently used yoga pose to reduce excessive breast is Shirshasana or the Head Stand. In this pose, the person stands on his head upside down which makes the blood flow towards the head and the heart due to gravity. Shirshasana is a highly advanced form of yoga; hence, it must be performed under a trained yoga professional.

Some Alternative for Breast Enhancement:
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