Yoga for Shoulder Pain | Shoulder Pain Remedy

Shoulder Pain Relief

Our shoulders are one of the most misused parts of our body in this day and age. Think about - don’t spend any time in exercising the shoulder muscles so that they can become stronger, yet at the same time these muscles are expected to bear the brunt of heavy laptop bags and backpacks. In fact, this abuse of our shoulders starts right from childhood when we traipse off to school with heavy satchels loaded with books on our frail shoulders. To this lifetime of abuse, throw in some stress, and seven to eight hours spent hunched in front of a computer, and it’s no surprise that your shoulders are screaming for attention.

Remedy for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is merely a sign that your shoulder muscles are bearing more stress than they can handle. Realistically it isn’t possible to reduce the amount of stress on them, unless you’re filthy rich and can afford to have someone carry your bags and do all your work for you. So the logical solution is that you need to strengthen your shoulders so that they are strong enough to deal with the entire load that you make them bear.

Shoulder Pain Exercises

There are a number of shoulder pain exercises that can not only provide relief from shoulder pain, but also make your shoulder muscles stronger. One of the best forms of exercise that you can perform for shoulder pain is yoga. Yoga is an ancient, holistic form of exercise that is beneficial to the body and the mind. This gentle form of therapy can easily be performed by people in any age group or physical condition. Let’s take a look at some of the yoga shoulder pain exercises that can offer prompt and permanent relief.

One of the simplest and best poses for shoulder pain is the Cat Pose. Also known as the Cat-Cow Pose, this gentle stretching exercise not only massages the shoulders, but also helps to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. Perform this exercise at least 10 to 15 times every day.

Another excellent remedy for shoulder pain is the Downward Facing Dog Pose. This pose can be performed immediately after the Cat Pose. When performed in tandem, these poses provide a gentle stretch to the entire body and eliminate stress from all parts, especially the shoulders.

The Cobra Pose is a good yoga shoulder pain exercise. This exercise not only helps to alleviate the pain, but also strengthens the shoulder muscles so that your shoulders are better equipped to handle any load that you may place on them.