Benefits of Dream Yoga

There are two basic types of dream yoga. One was developed over a period of time by Dr. Joseph Dillard, who was a licensed clinical social worker. His technique was developed by him during the years of his private practice. He used this technique on many of his clients and gradually improved upon it to give us a technique that many use today. The other type of dream yoga is Tibetan dream yoga, which is another dream meditation technique that emphasizes on mastering one’s dreams.

In both these approaches, there is one thing that is common. Both of these call for using lucid dreams to promote healing of the self and embark on a self-enlightening experience. In the process of transforming oneself through dreams, one often comes across hidden aspects of the self that momentarily reveals itself to the person. These dreams can not only heal but also help transform the life of the people involved. It is therefore important to align the personal goals with this innate form of the self that is revealed in these lucid dreams. It has been seen that people who have taken sessions on dreams yoga, have made better personal choices because they are connected to themselves on a higher level of consciousness.

Some of the known benefits of dream yoga are as follows. According to the karmic theory, our actions decide our destiny. For each action that is of benefit to others, there is a suitable reward sometime in this life or the next. With dream yoga, a person is able to view this karmic cycle clearly and can get an opportunity to see the consequences of karma before the action is even performed. This can help the person in deciding the best course of action in any situation and sometimes change the way a person lives their life.

Dream yoga helps a person to stop indulging in the past or the future and instead concentrate their energies on the present. A dream is never about the past. It is always a depiction of the present. In this moment of the limitless present, the body and mind are both liberated. The approaches to solve problems are many. However, we are seldom able to reach a solution in which the best of all solutions were taken together to form an approach that completely eradicates the problem. Dream yoga helps to reach that solution that gives you a trans-rational perspective.