Yoga for mental health - Tips for mental health

Stress at work, stress at home, stress while commuting—let’s face the facts: every day we have to deal with increasing amounts of stress! Not only does this stress manifest itself in the form of various physiological disorders, it also leads to a host of mental problems. It’s not likely that our stress levels are going to go down any time soon. So is there any way of ensuring that we have a mechanism that can successfully helps us cope with all the stress that we’re subjected to in our lives? Fortunately, yoga seems to hold the key.

Yoga and mental health

Yoga is an ancient disciple that originated in India thousands of years ago. Although yoga is increasingly gaining popularity as an alternative form of exercise, what is still not as well known is the tremendous impact that yoga can have on your mental health. Let us find out how yoga and mental health is related.

Medical science is coming to realize what the ancient mystics knew all along: mental and physical health is closely entwined. If you are not physically fit, it will affect your state of mind. Conversely, if you are mentally or emotionally disturbed, it will have a direct bearing on your physical well being.

Yoga exercise for mental health

Yoga is so effective in ensuring your health and well being because it does not separate the physical from the mental. Yoga targets not just your physical body, but also your mind. How does yoga manage to achieve this unification to ensure perfect all round health?
  • Yoga exercises are not traditionally performed at a particular pace, or against a certain resistance, or to maintain a certain respiratory or heart rate. In fact, the pace of yoga varies for every individual. You are supposed to use your mind to re-connect with your body, and then allow your body and mind to dictate the pace of your yoga workout.
  • All yoga exercises also follow specific breathing patterns in tandem with the physical exercises. This forces your mind to actively concentrate on what the body is doing and thereby promotes mental health.
  • Before commencing any yoga posture, you are expected to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and restore your mental equilibrium.
  • The physical exercises are followed by meditation techniques. These meditation techniques are also accompanied by various breathing techniques. They allow you to shut out the outside world and re-connect with yourself at a very deep level.

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