Yoga for allergies - a therapy for allergies

Allergies, seasonal or chronic, are a real problem. These allergies can affect you in many ways. They disturb your sleep, give you fevers, aches and rashes, and often cause a lot of pain and discomfort too.

The nasal allergy known as hay fever is triggered by airborne pollen. This is a common allergy that many suffer from. These allergies require a lot of medications and treatment and often only give temporary relief instead of the desired results.

More often than not, a weak immune system is to be blamed for allergies. Though some allergies are hereditary, most of them are caused because the body’s immunity is not able to ward off the ill effects. Fortunately, medication is not the only alternative to allergies.

Alternative therapy for allergies

Of late, yoga has emerged as a popular resort for those who are planning to improve their immunity. The benefits of yoga are manifold. Not only does yoga help in creating a balance in life, it makes the body stronger and resistant to everyday maladies. Yoga helps tone up the muscles, exercises the nerves and also calms the mind, enhancing all bodily functions, including immunity.

Yoga presents a risk free therapy for allergies. There are no side effects, no risks and many added benefits of yoga for allergies. Physician prescribed medicines should be taken along with practicing yoga. Together both can help you alleviate your symptoms and strengthen your immune system.

Yoga for Allergies

Kapalabhati Pranayama
This breathing exercise requires you to take consistent breaths that are rapid and forceful. The inhalations are passive and the exhalations are forceful. These help in clearing out the sinuses and the nasal passages, strengthening the lungs and the abdomen. This technique can help remove the allergens that remain trapped in the nasal passages. However, this is an exercise that should be practiced under supervision, for the first few times. If done incorrectly, Kapalbhati can cause a lot of harm too.

Nadi Sodhana
This is a breath used to induce calm in the body. This breathing technique is a balancing one. If your nostrils are not congested, this breathing technique can help your heart pump more blood, thereby increasing stamina and immunity.

Salamba Sarvangasana
This is an inverted pose which aims to open up any blocked passages and drain out the congestions from the lungs. This is a difficult pose to master and should not be held for long.

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
This is a pose that requires a back bend. This helps in stretching the muscles in the stomach and the chest. It tends to increase the breathing capacity of the lungs so that with every breath, the heart is able to pump out more blood and increase the immunity of the body.

Remedies For Allergies