Benefits of Sitting Exercises | Sitting Yoga Poses

Exercises While Sitting

If you practice yoga regularly, you will realize that a lot of the poses performed in yoga are sitting poses. There are many different sitting poses in yoga and each of these sitting exercises has its own benefits. It is not wise to assume that more calories will be burnt in poses that are performed while standing.

Sitting Yoga Poses

Here are some of the vital benefits of practicing sitting poses:
  • No matter which sitting position you choose, it is important to keep the spine straight. When you strengthen the spine in this manner, you allow the spinal column and the adjacent muscles to stretch. This helps release tension from the spinal column. If you experience pain in the lower and upper back, sitting exercises can help in pain relief. The straight position of the spin is also considered optimum for the flow of Kundalini energy. This is a neutral position that can help you increase concentration and meditate.
  • Sitting yoga positions can help make your spin become more flexible. In some of the poses that involve forward or backward bending and twisting, the structural defects of the spine get corrected. Since the spine essentially protects the nervous system, it is beneficial to have a strong and flexible spine.
  • Sitting poses help in massaging the internal organs. Most of the movements of the sitting poses are intended to stretch the muscles and increase flexibility. These movements also help in enhancing the blood circulation throughout the body.
  • Sitting yoga exercises help the body to become relaxed. When you practice a sitting pose, your body is in the correct alignment. This allows the internal organs to function optimally. Breathing and meditation exercises performed while in a sitting pose can help both your mind and body to relax.
  • When you exercise while sitting, you perform slow movements. This helps in improving the coordination between the various neuromuscular movements. In fact, most yoga practitioners who perform exercises while sitting enhance their consciousness of their neuromuscular actions, therefore being able to control these actions in a better manner.
  • Some of the sitting chair exercises or chair yoga help strengthen the core of your body, enabling you to maintain better immunity and strength to recuperate from injuries and illnesses. These sitting exercises can also help you firm and tone your abdominal muscles, obliques, and leg muscles. In fact, when a series of sitting yoga poses are performed in the correct manner, you will get a perfect all-body work out, without getting too tired.

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