Sutra Neti for Nasal Cleansing | Yoga Cleanse

Sutra Neti - Nasal Cleansing

Sutra neti is a cleansing technique of yoga, which is performed by using a sutra, or a thread. This thread is made of a special cotton or rubber material. The cotton thread is twisted and waxed to prove gentler on the nose. This technique is used for nasal cleansing in which the thread is inserted into one nostril and comes out of the mouth.

Sutra neti is an extremely effective method for nasal cleaning. This method allows the nasal passages to be opened to their full capacity. If you often have nasal blockages or excessive phlegm in your sinus cavities, sutra neti can help you get rid of it. Usually, for conditions like sinusitis, a surgery is the only alternative. However, this yoga nasal cleansing technique allows you to forego surgery.

Sutra Neti Instructions

Sutra neti instructions should be carefully followed as it is a very difficult art to practice. The technique is simple; however, utmost care needs to be taken to ensure precision in the technique. To begin with this yoga nasal congestion solution, get yourself a rubber catheter that is about 1 mm in thickness. Pass this catheter through one nostril and keep pushing it inside. Since the nose and the throat are connected, you will soon feel the catheter in your throat. Keep pushing till it reaches your mouth and you can hold it. Once you are able to hold the catheter, gently draw it out of your mouth. Now one end of the catheter is in your nostril and the other end is in your mouth. With a gentle tugging motion, move the catheter to and fro 5 to 6 times. Finally, draw it out completely.

Those who practice this technique regularly are even able to pass the catheter from one nostril to the other nostril. However, this can come only after certain proficiency has been achieved. This is no difference in the benefits however. It is recommended that before every use, the catheter should be cleaned thoroughly using warm water. You can even boil the catheter in medicated oil. This is done to disinfect the catheter in case there were any bacteria present in the nasal passages.

Ideally, you should not experience any pain in the entire process. However, if you do experience pain, remove the catheter immediately. It is an indication that you have not done the technique properly. Initially, Sutra neti and Jal Neti is always better to perform this technique in presence of an experienced yoga practitioner or trainer.