Yoga for Hip Pain Relief | Chronic Hip Pain

Yoga has proved to be one of the most effective therapies for physically debilitating diseases like arthritis. While there is a need for administering pain relievers in such physically painful diseases, yoga can help reduce the symptoms and slow down the degeneration process.

Hip Pain Causes

Hip pain, usually associated with old age, is one such condition where yoga can be beneficial. The hip joint is one of the most roughly used joints in the body. It is this joint that attaches the leg to the torso. The femur or the head of the thigh bone fits snugly in a socket which is made up of pelvic bones. One of the main hip pain causes is the problem in this socket. However, there are many other causes of pain in hips. There are many other structures which surround the hip joint and a malfunction, injury or trauma to any of these structures may cause displacement of the joint and pain.

Diseases like arthritis can cause inflammation of the hip joint. There is intense pain and inflammation accompanied with redness or swelling. These are all signals of a problem with the joint and therefore treatment should be sight immediately.

Hip Pain Exercises

In case of mild arthritis, yoga, when practiced along with the conventional medicine, can help treat the pain. Yoga can help you get hip pain relief with its poses and postures that are specifically designed to strengthen the hip and the pelvic region. If you are in a lot of pain, seeking the help of a professional yoga instructor is the best idea. The instructor can take you through different poses with varying levels of difficulty. Each of these poses will have a specific effect on your pelvic region, causing alleviation of pain.

To begin with, you can try poses that do not require a lot of physical effort. These poses will help you regain your alignment and balance the body while strengthening the muscles and structures around the joints. These poses will also help increase the lubrication of the joints. These hip pain exercises can help you get relief from chronic hip pain as well as delay further complications.

The poses that you can perform to start with are the Sukhasana or the Easy pose, Parighasana or the Gate pose, Utkatasana or the Powerful pose and the Baddha konasana or the Cobbler pose.

Other useful poses in yoga for hip pain are Eka Pada Rajakapotasana or the Seated Forward Pigeon Pose and the Padmasana or the Lotus pose.