Yoga Diet and Yoga Lifestyle for Longevity

Over the centuries, yoga, an ancient Indian art of achieving well being and inner peace, has been perfected and enriched. Yoga, a Sanskrit term, literally means union. Yoga, as a technique for uniting the mind, body and souls, was first developed by sages and mystics but it is believed that the knowledge of yoga was first passed on from Lord Siva.

Yoga Lifestyle

The aim of Yoga is to unify mind body and soul, attempting to achieve a higher consciousness and self awareness. The ultimate aim in yoga is to achieve enlightenment. Though yoga can be practiced in many ways in your daily life, there are some basic principles which can be followed in order to achieve the desired effect. Asanas, mediation, yogic philosophy, Pranayama, diet and relaxation are some of the techniques with which yoga can be incorporated into our lifestyle.

The various poses and postures in yoga, also known as Asanas, have been developed in order to stretch and exercise each part of the body. Each of these exercises has benefits for specific parts of the body.

Longevity Fitness

Yoga lifestyle also involves gaining control over your breathing by using breathing techniques and Pranayama. You are also required to meditate using mantras in order to soothe the chaos within yourself. Meditation and breathing in a rhythm can help improve circulation of blood and oxygen, improving mental abilities, memory and sharpness.

Unlike many other forms of exercising, yoga doesn’t require elaborate equipment. You can join a yoga class in the beginning to loosen up and understand the yogic perspective and then go independent when you feel that the time is right.

Yoga has been studied a lot in an attempt to find its exact benefits. It turns out, that yoga is a single technique that not only liberates you from diseases physically, but also has a positive effect on your thinking, therefore improving wellness and keeping you in a state of wellbeing. In fact, yoga has a certain longevity factor to it. Proponents of yoga claim that with a proper diet and practicing yoga, people can keep themselves away from the harmful effects of our lifestyles. Yoga is a longevity fitness regime in which there is a specific longevity diet that helps remove toxins from the body, enhances the metabolism and provides all nutrition required by the body. It also consists of longevity exercises which are helpful in keeping the body and the organs healthy.

Exercise and longevity go a long way. The mystics and saints in India who practiced yoga as a lifestyle, are said to have lived on for hundreds of years. Apart from gaining the many benefits associated with yoga, many people practice yoga for longevity and a healthy life at that.