How to Choose a Yoga Mat? Be Careful!

Getting yourself in shape is an extremely important decision. Once you have decided that you want to become fit, the next big challenge is to determine the kind of fitness activity that you want to indulge in. There are a variety of fitness routines, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, if you choose to stay fit while attempting to also rediscover and reconnect with yourself, Yoga can be an excellent fitness alternative.

Yoga Exercise Mats

Yoga is based on a series of poses, postures, meditative techniques, and breathing techniques. Almost all of the yoga poses and postures that you will practice will have to be practiced on a hard surface, which brings us to another important decision that you will have to take: buying yoga exercise mats.

Ever since yoga has risen in popularity, there has been mass commercialization of the accessories used for practicing yoga. Yoga mats are one such accessory that will be easy to obtain, owing to the wide variety of choices that you have today. However, choosing a yoga mat is not that easy. Since you are to perform all yoga postures on a hard surface, it is imperative that you remain comfortable to be able to perform the exercises and concentrate. In such a case, buying a flimsy or an inappropriate yoga mat will only disrupt your practice and cause unnecessary discomfort.

A comfortable yoga mat is necessary in order to make your practice successful. If you can’t decide how to choose a yoga mat, here are some tips for you:
  1. A good yoga mat should enable you to comfortably perform a varied range of positions in yoga. It should be soft enough to provide you relaxation when you are meditating or doing relaxation poses, helping you complete your session comfortably. Try to avoid cheap yoga mats as they may appear comfortable in the beginning but may bother you later.

  2. Your yoga mat should also help you realize the full intended potential of each of the poses and postures that you practice. You can go in for extra thick yoga mats, which keep you warm and comfortable, without cushioning your body too much.

  3. Sticky yoga mats are definitely worth a pass. If your skin keeps sticking to the mat, you will not be able to do your poses properly. Also avoid using slippery mats, which tend to slip from under you when you move on it. Such mats can cause injuries. The grip of the mat should be just sufficient.

  4. The mat should be sufficiently large for you to be able to comfortably do all the poses that you intend to do. The edges should be soft and not prickly and the mat should be able to absorb sweat. If you want, you can go in for a mat that you can wash at home.