Simple Yoga Exercise and Poses for Child

Exercise for Child

When it comes to weight loss and fitness, every new year brings with it various different fitness fads and trends. Each of these trends has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the frequency at which these new fads emerge and fade away has made people a little skeptical about adopting any. Yoga, an ancient and well-established holistic technique for fitness is therefore the most viable of all fitness regimes and is greatly preferred by adults and children alike.

As more and more people turn to yoga for keeping themselves fit, the popularity of yoga as a fitness regime soars. Not only do adults practice yoga themselves, they also see it as an apt exercise regime for their children.

Yoga for Child

Since yoga is seen to have both physical and mental benefits, children can really benefit from even the simplest of poses and postures. Lately, children, just like adults, have not been getting enough exercise. Child obesity and the diseases related to lifestyle and obesity are on the rise. Due to this, parents have started giving extra attention to the children’s physical activities. Children also have increasing pressure of competition from their peers in terms of education and other extra curricular activities. This can cause a lot of stress and depression.

Yoga has been known for its many health benefits, both physical and mental. Yoga is a relatively simple physical technique that is easy to practice and is not very demanding on the child. Yoga is not religious, and therefore, you do not even need to fear about the likelihood of your child getting influenced by any religious beliefs. However, yoga is spiritual, and if all you are looking for is an exercise routine for your child, it is best to check how spiritual the yoga class is, before getting your child enrolled.

Beginner’s yoga for child can be very simple to follow. Yoga has many an exercise for child, relating to the physical abilities and flexibility of the child. Some of the simple yoga poses can in fact be taught to your child at home using yoga cards and DVDs. There are many international organizations today that promote yoga for children and educate adults about the benefits of yoga for their children. Just like adults, children too can find peace of mind and balance by practicing yoga regularly. In the long term, yoga will not only prove a great workout for children, but will also help improve self image, concentration, and confidence.