Yoga exercise for excessive flatulence

There is an old saying that all health problems originate from the stomach. It has been proven scientifically that to continue having good health, it is necessary to have a healthy and efficient digestive system.

Digestion is a complex process involving many different organs. Digestion is also a time consuming process and very often, when a person is not able to digest the ingested food, the partially digested food is retained in the stomach and starts to ferment. When the food starts getting fermented, several gases are released. Due to the release of these gases, a person may experience nausea, belching, acid regurgitation and heartburn. Along with that, you may also experience excessive flatulence. These are all symptoms of indigestion.

Flatulence is a condition in which gas accumulates into the colon. This gas is not absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract and therefore either causes the abdomen to bloat or is expelled out of the body through the mouth or the anus.

Excessive flatulence is caused due to eating too much. Some other causes of flatulence are irregular eating, swallowing the food without chewing it, swallowing too much air while chewing and lack of physical exertion. A person under physical duress may also experience excessive flatulence. The muscles of the intestines should also be strong enough to digest the food properly.

Yoga for flatulence

Of all the flatulence remedies, yoga is perhaps the most significant. Though we all know what causes flatulence, a lot of times, we do not know how to treat it. However, to prevent flatulence or to treat it, yoga poses can be effectively used.

To start with, try a head stand known as the Salamba Sirsasana. Once in that pose, bend your legs so that they are behind your back. While coming into this position, do not bend your elbows. Do not disturb the position of your head.

Once your pose is complete, stretch one leg at a time and lift up your torso while shifting all your weight to the heels. Then, tightening the muscles of your anal region, lift up your pelvis. Concentrate on contracting the muscles in your knees, calf thighs. Hold this pose for as long as you can.

Another great pose for releasing flatulence is the Viparita Chakrasana. This pose should be started with the neck, moving to the shoulders. This pose will not only help you to release excessive flatulence, but also help to strengthen your spine while improving overall flexibility of the body.