Yoga for Emotional Stress & Emotional Imbalance

Yoga is known to have a wide range of benefits for those with physical ailments and also those with mental or emotional disturbances. For both spiritual and mental ailments, yoga offers an interesting and an effective way of attaining peace of mind.

Yoga helps to rejuvenate both the mind and the body. In fact, the holistic effects of yoga are quite well known, because of which yoga has now become much sought after.
Though the physical benefits of yoga have been stressed quite often, the mental, emotional and the spiritual benefits of yoga often are not described in great detail. The truth is that yoga is one of the few techniques which can effectively alleviate all kinds of stress and emotional disturbances. The many different techniques of yoga can help you fight emotional stress and keep it at bay. Yoga takes care of your mental and emotional health, allowing you to deal with stress, depression and any other emotional illness.

Emotions and stress go together a long way. It is not unusual to feel stressed when you are emotionally overwhelmed. People who are emotionally more sensitive are also slightly more predisposed to experiencing stress and emotional imbalance. Yoga, however, with its many different poses, meditative techniques and breathing exercises, is one of the most potent techniques of dealing with such emotional problems.

The biggest advantage of yoga is that it opens your mind to your own needs and desires. This simply means that it allows you to contemplate your own actions and situations, helping you to introspect. In more ways than one, yogic techniques help you to work on your self confidence and self worth, allowing you to have more control over you’re your actions and the direction that your life is taking.

Yoga can also help you deal with specific problems. If you have been in depression for sometime, then yoga, combined with medication, can help you instill positivity inside you. Physically too, yoga can offer you a ‘pick-me-up’. A combination of deep breathing and meditation is excellent in depression. Specific poses like standing forward bend and twisting triangle may also help improve your body’s strength.

The meditative techniques are also helpful in dealing with stress and anxiety. The practice of yoga helps the body to secrete hormones that help decrease anxiety and neutralize stress. Yoga can also reduce stress hormones in the heart and the cardiovascular system. For these, again a combination of physical poses, meditation and breathing techniques are helpful.

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