Yoga for irregular menstrual cycles

You will seldom find a woman who is comfortable or at ease with her menstruation cycle. However, not having a regular cycle is something that no woman wants. A lot of women experience irregular periods. There are many causes of such a problem. Usually, irregular periods are associated with hormonal imbalances and stress. Women who have increased sexual activity after a long break may also experience temporarily irregular menstrual cycles. In most women, who are nearing the onset of menopause, menstruation problems are a common occurrence.

For each woman, the cause of menstruation cycle problems is different. In fact, it is critical to determine the exact cause of the irregularity because the choice of yoga poses for treating the irregularities will also depend largely on the cause.

If the irregular menstrual cycle causes are hormonal, specific yoga poses are practiced in order to improve the circulation of hormones. Sometimes, stress may be a contributing factor to menstrual problems. Yoga for menstrual problems caused due to stress will include more of breathing and other stress relieving techniques like meditation.

Yoga Practice during Menstruation

Most problems with menstruation can be dealt with proper and guided yoga poses. However, it is equally important to get a medical perspective and take regular medications as prescribed by a doctor.

There are two categories of yoga poses for irregular periods. One category contains poses that are generally beneficial in enhancing the menstrual flow by stretching the pelvic floor and opening up the vagina. The second category is of those poses which are meant for menstrual problems caused by specific reasons.

Some of the general yoga poses which can be practiced to help treat menstrual problems are the Baddha Konasana or the Sitting Cobbler Pose, Supta Baddhakonasana or the Lying Down Cobbler Pose, the Gaumukhasana or the Cow Pose, Supta Virasana or the Lying Down Hero Pose and the Janu Shirasana or the Head To Knee Pose. Of these, the Cow Pose is especially recommended for those who are suffering from irregular menstruation.

In addition to these the Virasana or the Hero Pose, the Lion, Cobra and Half Wheel Pose can also be performed for disorders of the endocrine system that may be causing an irregularity in the menstruation cycle.

All of these poses help in improving muscle strength, regulating hormones, improving spinal flexibility, and restore alignment and balance in the body. These poses, when performed three to five times a day regularly, can help regulate your menstruation.