Yoga for coronary heart disease

One of the most common forms of cardio vascular disease is coronary artery disease. A buildup of cholesterol is the one of the primary coronary heart disease causes. The cholesterol, when it builds up in the arteries, can cause a blockage. The blood flow tends to slow down to quite an extent and the heart has to exert extra pressure to pump blood through the narrower vessels.

The increasing amount of cholesterol also tends to weaken the arteries, leading to blood clots and disfiguring of the arterial walls. Such blood clots could eventually cause a complete blockage of the arteries, ultimately leading to the bursting of the artery.

In a lot of cases, the condition is caused by the natural ageing process. Those who have had someone with the disease in their family are at a greater risk of developing it themselves. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, excessive smoking, obesity and diabetes are some of the other risk factors of coronary artery disease.

Today heart diseases are the biggest health concern all over the world. Though heart diseases were once only associated with the elderly, today even young people are getting susceptible to it. Some of the symptoms of coronary heart disease are chest pains, burning sensations in the chest, pressure in the chest and pain in the arm and neck. This pain is caused because the blood vessels are not able to deliver the required amounts of blood.

Medical science offers expensive and complex surgeries as a coronary heart disease treatment. However, with the treatment, coronary heart disease diet is also very important to lower bad cholesterol.

Yoga for coronary heart disease

Yoga, an ancient Indian discipline helps you improve your body’s strength. With the increase in both strength and flexibility, it becomes easier to control your metabolic rate and blood pressure. Yoga can also help you draw for yourself a coronary heart disease exercise routine. A yogic diet which is completely vegetarian in nature and is free of tobacco and alcohol can help improve health.

The continued practice of yoga can also help a person cope up with stress and anxiety which can aggravate coronary heart diseases. Yoga in fact can easily help you eliminate the risk factors of coronary heart disease. Not only will yoga help you in coping with coronary heart disease but will generally help you improve your health and increase the efficiency of various systems in the body.

Poses like the mountain pose, warrior pose, hands to feet pose, triangle pose, tree pose, lotus yoga pose, standing side stretch pose, double leg raises, child pose, leg reclining lounge, and cobra pose are especially useful for keeping coronary heart disease at bay.

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