Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

Yoga and Stress Relief

As the amount of stress that we deal with in our everyday lives goes up, yoga for stress relief emerges as a valuable technique. If statistics are to be believed, stress relief yoga is the number one preferred technique for dealing with stress. Regular practice of stress relief yoga poses can help fight many of the stress related disease like high blood pressure and other cardio vascular complaints.

People who are under chronic stress are more susceptible to heart failure or a stroke. An increase in the blood pressure is usually a precursor to other heart troubles and to avoid any major heart disease, it is recommended that you should remain on medication and continue to follow up with your medical checks regularly.

Stress can take a toll on your life and to manage it, a change in lifestyle is an absolute necessity. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and cessation of smoking are some of the vital aspects of a changed lifestyle. Less consumption of fats, red meats and salts can also help you deal with stress.

Apart from all the precautions that you take from your end, yoga for stress management should be explored as an alternative stress relief technique. The meditative techniques of yoga are a great stress relief exercise. Simple yoga exercises can be performed to stretch the body, improve blood and hormone circulation, and increase lung capacity. While the physical exercise improves the strength, immunity and flexibility of the body, deep breathing techniques improve the lung capacity, allowing for more oxygen to be taken in and utilized in the body.

Stress relief yoga

Meditative techniques in yoga can help calm the mind down, expelling stressful and unwanted thoughts. This is especially beneficial for those who suffer from hypertension and blood pressure. A ten minutes session of meditation can work wonders for you. If you want, you can even chant a prayer while meditating. This will not only help you soothe your mind, but also psychological help you feel closer to god.

Some of the simplest and most effective yoga poses for stress relief are the Balasana or the child pose, Savasana or the corpse pose, and Makarasana or the crocodile pose.

Hatha yoga, one of the prominent disciplines of yoga, is considered to be the best remedy for stress. The conjugation of the poses of Hatha yoga and various breathing techniques can help improve all aspects of a person’s being - physical, mental and spiritual. These postures will help you relieve stress and at the same time promote overall wellness.

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