Yoga for Stress Related Health Problems

With the kind of hectic lifestyles we have today, it is not unusual to be under a lot of pressure and feel stressed. It is impossible for anyone to not get anxious and stressed when faced with the everyday challenges of life. Sometimes, you may even feel that your day has too few hours or that you need some more time to yourself.

If you are wondering how to reduce stress, yoga is what you should be looking at. Till date, of all remedies, yoga for stress relief is considered the best and most fitting technique to keep both anxiety and stress at bay.

There are many things that you can do in yoga. The breathing, meditative, and physical poses of yoga help in various ways to quiet your mind and bring peace from within. Due to the calming effect that yoga has on people, it is fast becoming a popular relaxation technique, especially in urban settings where the pace of life is really hectic and stressful.

Yoga essentially works on the principle of bringing peace to the body and mind, allowing the body to be in a deep state of relaxation. There are many styles of yoga, but Hatha yoga is considered to be the best amongst them for stress relief. You may also choose any other discipline of your particular choice.

Traditional yoga relies on an amalgamation of diet, exercise and meditation to beat stress. Along with the poses that you practice in yoga, you also have to pay particular attention to your diet. Certain foods increase stress and cause anxiety. However, there are other foods known as ‘sattvik’ foods, which help improve health and help you beat stress.

The poses of yoga can be performed by people from any age group because of which they are highly recommended. Yoga requires coordination between both the mind and the body. Yoga consists of poses of varying complexities. Some can be as simple as lying on the floor and willing your body to completely relax; yet others can be quite difficult and take years to master.

You may not be able to hold a particular pose for as long as it is recommended; however, yoga has a basic rule. In yoga, you should only do as much as your body allows. If you are practicing a pose which your body is not comfortable with, it is best to move to another pose. You should never exceed your own limits that you may have set for yourself.

Breathing is also another important part of yoga. Your vital energies can be controlled using various breathing techniques. You can gain control over both your body and mind using the meditative techniques of yoga along with controlled breathing.

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