Rejuvenate Body with Yoga Twists | Twist Exercises

Yoga is an ancient healing technique that is practiced to rejuvenate and heal the body. This technique that was invented in India about five thousand years ago is still being practiced all over the world and many people experience the benefits of yoga even today. Yoga not only improves health but also promotes wellness and overall well being.

Yoga Twists

The twisting asanas or poses of yoga, act to improve the emotional health and well being of those who practice them. The twisting action has a constricting effect on the lungs, where the lower lungs are rendered unusable, thereby forcing the upper and middle lungs to get activated.

During a twist, the practitioner is instructed on the ability to maintain rhythmic breathing. This knowledge of controlling the breathing in rhythmic motions and utilizing the lungs completely can aid in overcoming a stressful situation. Usually, during stress, our body feels knotted up because of a lack of breath. In fact if you know how to utilize the twists properly, you can use the breathing techniques regularly to calm the body during a stressful event.

Yoga Twist Poses

It is said that many of the yoga poses were created by the Indian gods and then passed on to great sages. Even today, to commemorate the great work of these sages, many of the poses of yoga are named after them. Marichyasana and Bharadvajasana are such poses.

Philosophically, it was believed that the physical action associated with the twisting poses give a balanced view of all sides of a situation. It gives a clear sighted view of life and imparts wisdom.

The Ardha Matseyendrasana or half spinal twist, allows the spine to feel lifted. Though the interlocking of the arms and the legs is very intense in this pose, the limbs begin to be supported by the body instead of the other way round. There is a feeling of rejuvenation and deep calm. Spinal pains and injuries can be cured and the body de-stressed by this pose. A sense of balance is also felt by the body.

The main aim of a twisting pose is to give a deep massage to the internal organs of the body, thereby squeezing out toxins and stimulating digestion. When the pose is released, the organs get fresh circulation and the blood flow of the body is improved, with more blood flowing into the pelvic region.

Different yoga twist poses have different specific effects on the body. For example, in the Ardha Matsyendrasana, the secretion of adrenaline and bile is regulated. Many ailments like bronchitis, diabetes, hay fever, and sinusitis can be cured through this pose. For women, premenstrual syndrome, menstrual cramps, and urinary tract infections can also be cured by these poses. This particular pose is useful in giving a deep cleaning massage to the digestive tract namely: the stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver, and the gall bladder. The pose can also help massage the kidneys.