Yoga for Lower Abdomen | Exercise for the Lower Abs

Exercises for Lower Abdomen

Who doesn’t want washboard abs? However not many of us can survive the three hundred sit ups and crunches routine! But a flat stomach doesn’t have to be a dream, or a trip to the surgeon. For people looking for accessible exercises for the lower abs, why not try yoga? This traditional fitness regime incorporates postures and breathing exercises that tone, shape and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Regular yoga for lower abdomen will also increase your flexibility, balance and awareness.

Exercise for the lower abs isn’t important just for aesthetic value, but is also necessary to maintain good health. Exercise for the lower abdomen is particularly important to ease the burden on the lower back:
  • As the abdominal muscles are strengthened, they can be engaged in strenuous everyday activities, reducing the stress and the rate of wear and tear experienced by the lower back on a daily basis.
  • By developing abdominal muscles not only do you develop the core muscles in your body, but it also boosts energy levels.
  • Gentle yoga postures develop the abdominal muscles as well as the digestive organs. This enhances the digestive system of the body, improving the body’s digestion, nutritional distribution and waste elimination processes.

Yoga for Lower Abs

So, go ahead, grab your yoga mat and give yoga for lower abdomen a shot with the following postures:

Mountain Pose – This is a simple posture that strengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body, especially the abdominal muscles. Stand with your feet apart. Hold your hands to your side arms at your side. Keep your back straight and raise your arms above your head. Now, slowly arch backwards. Keep your head still and push it as far back as you can. Push your abdomen out and hold pose for a few seconds before returning to original pose. Repeat at least five times.

Triangle Pose – For the triangle pose, stand with your feet. Tilt your left foot to a 90 degrees angle. Keep the right foot pointed ahead. Stretch your arms out and bend towards the right side. Place your right hand on your right shin. Raise your left arm upwards. Hold this pose for a few seconds before returning to the original pose. Repeat on the other side.

Tree Pose – Another helpful pose is the Tree Pose. Stand upright with your feet placed slightly apart, with your hands at your side. Lift your left foot and place it on your inner right thigh. Steady your position as you stretch your arms over the head in a prayer position. Hold the pose for a few counts before returning to the original position. Repeat posture five times.

Be sure not to over exert your body in the hopes of flat abs. Pushing the body beyond its limit can cause serious injuries.