Yoga for Teenagers | Exercise for Teenagers

Yoga is the traditional art of body and mind fitness. It aims to restore the balance between one’s body, mind and spirit through a series of gentle exercises, breathing techniques and meditation.

Teenagers Fitness

Yoga is beneficial for everyone, but it is especially so for teenagers; given that these can be difficult years, both emotionally and physically, yoga can help teens find inner peace, confidence as well as ensure physical fitness.

Improves FitnessYoga for teens helps in leading healthy and happy lives. As little as fifteen minutes of yoga practice can help boost health: teen yoga improves lung capacity and as a result blood circulation; it strengthens immunity; improves body posture; optimizes body functions; and boosts energy flow in the body. In addition, the stretches and bends involved in the practice ensure a well toned, fit body.

Improves FocusYoga for teenagers comes with another big advantage: it helps them develop focus, concentration and improve memory. Any teenage will agree that with increasing academic curriculum and growing completion, any advantage he or she might be able to leverage would be helpful, and if it come in the same shape of a few well executed yoga poses for teens, all the better.

Instills Confidence – The teenage years can be the most difficult years, both physically and emotionally. Yoga helps teens accept this difficult phase. Regular practice of yoga helps instill a positive self image. It teaches the teen to be comfortable, confident and positive.

Controls Stress – We live in stressful time and teenagers too have to bare their fair share of stress. With increasing academic and social pressures teenagers are falling prey to anxiety disorders and breakdowns. Through the regular practice of yoga exercises for teenagers, they can learn to cope with the demands and situations that life presents. Yoga instills an inner sense of calm, allowing teens to make clear and precise decisions.

Teenagers Yoga

Yoga can make the teenage years seem wonderful again. Here are a few yoga exercise tips for teens that can make all the difference:

Mountain Pose – the mountain pose is a classic yoga stretch. It channels the flow of energy through the entire body and works the muscles to fitness as well. This pose is a simple one: simply stand straight and hold your hands above your head. Join your hands and hold the pose for a few seconds. Repeat.

Tree Pose – another basic pose in the yoga arsenal is the tree pose. This posture is known to improve balance and strength. It is also beneficial in developing concentration. Stand upright with hands joined above the head. Keeping your frame upright, place your right foot on the inner left thigh. Maintain balance as you hold the pose.

Sun Salutations – one of the most effective yoga routines is the sun salutations. This is a sequence of 12 basic yoga postures performed in sets. Depending on time and stamina, practicing cycles of sun salutations gives the body and mind a complete work out.