Yoga for runners | Exercises for runners, Runners yoga

Runners are essentially athletes and like any and all other athletes also require range of training to stay physically and mentally fit, so as to maximize their potential whilst engaging in their athletics – in this case running. Bounding through a park or on a track, with your heart racing can help to De-stress and tone your muscles, but it is limited in its scope. There are many among us who dedicate a lot of time to running, but are barely able to bend down to touch our feet or tie our shoe laces. This is not to suggest that running is deficient, but it needs to be supported with other activities.

Workouts for Runners

Running offers us a great and inexpensive workout for the lungs and heart, and it can be an exhilarating and enjoyable experience. Unfortunately the range of motions that it puts your body through are rather limited and depending on factors as varied as your build, weight, gait, and heredity it can lead to tight or overworked muscles, particularly in the lower back, the calves, hamstrings, and hip flexors. Rectifying problems of alignment and cultivating a more varied range of motion can strengthen your body and help prevent injuries, while enabling you to run a lot more efficiently. This applies to any other athletics as well, and most athletes are aware of this, devoting their time to strengthening workouts, stretching, and mental preparation. Yoga for runners offers all of these benefits and more as a comprehensive package.

Stretching Exercises for Runners

Yoga, as you may be aware, is most often associated with stretching and flexibility, but it addresses a lot more than these basic requirements and strengthens you physically and mentally, better readying you for any athletic event, whether competitive or friendly. Yoga uses a distinctive combination of physical postures that stretch and strengthen, along with breath exercises to transform your body into a harmoniously functioning machine.

Attentive breathing is essential for athletics, and breathing for runners is equally important, as it improves concentration, calms the mind, and also creates a flow or rhythm for the practice. As yoga poses for runners improve your balance and synchronization, it also enhances and optimizes the utilization of appropriate muscle groups for posture. Before you take a up a yoga session for runners however make sure that you gather info on the different disciplines of yoga to help you decide which one suits you best. With a long history spanning millennia, yoga not only has a great tradition, but it also has varied schools of thought, suited to different personality traits and desires or different physical capabilities.