Yoga Exercise for Fat Legs | How to Lose Fat Legs?

Yoga, in addition to helping you bring balance and harmony into your life, is also an excellent way to tone your body. Many of the postures in yoga help burn calories and give you the body that you always dreamt of having but could never achieve.

How to get rid of Leg Fat?

If you are wondering how to lose fat legs, help is closer than you know. There are different exercises in yoga that target different parts of your body. Yoga can, in fact, help you shed weight from any particular part of your body that you desire. However, once you decide to use yoga as an exercise, you have to continue practicing it sincerely otherwise the effects will be lost and the desired results will not be achieved.

Tighten Legs

While some poses can help you shed fat and tighten your legs, they also improve blood circulation so that the muscles in your legs are strengthened and your legs remain fat-free. This optimal circulation ensures that an overall balance of energies in your body is maintained. These exercises are also good for those who are suffering from diseases that affect the legs.

Generally the exact yogic exercises that you do depend on you age and the presence of any conditions that might make it difficult to practice the poses. Over a period of time, not only will you shed off excess fat from your legs but you will also be able to tone the muscles in that area.

To start off, begin with some simple breathing exercises. Your routine should have a mix of poses, Pranayama or breathing exercises, and cleansing techniques. Usually, all exercises in Yoga start off with the Surya Namaskara or the sun salutation. Following are some of the fat legs exercise in yoga:

Warm up breathing exercises
  • ‘Kapalabhatti’ or the Cleansing Breath
  • ‘Anuloma-Viloma’ or Alternate Nostril Breathing
Standing poses
  • ‘Padahastasana’ or Forehead to knee pose
  • ‘Padangusthasana’ or Toe to hand pose
  • ‘Ardha Chakrasana’ or Half Moon pose
Sitting poses
  • ‘Paschimottanasana’ or Forehead to both knees pose
  • ‘Ushtrasana’ or Camel pose
  • ‘Janu Sirshasana’ or Forehead to single knee pose
  • ‘Simhasana’ or Lion pose
  • Single Leg and Double Leg Raises
  • ‘Vrikshasana’ or Tree pose
  • ‘Garudasana’ or Eagle pose
  • ‘Kakasana’ or Crow pose
Yogic Diet

With these yoga poses, it is also important that you follow a yoga diet otherwise you will have just wasted your time with the poses. Yogic diets are primarily vegetarian and therefore if you are a non vegetarian, you will probably have to abstain from eating a lot of your favorite foods. The diet should be light and should contain a lot of milk products.