Yoga at Work - Some Relaxing Yoga at Workplace

Work takes over a major part of adult life: hours are spent sitting in a cubicle bent over paperwork, slaving away in front of a computer and other machines, or in conference rooms mulling over strategy. These can make for quite a stressful day, putting a strain on your neck, back and legs. These can lead to cramping, tension headaches, hypertension, and high cholesterol levels. If left unchecked, these could lead to life threatening conditions like heart disease.

Yoga Exercise at Workplace

In such stressful conditions, a few minutes of yoga at work can help you regain your balance and focus. Spending just a few minutes at your desk stretching and breathing deeply will help you overcome the tensions and aches that gather along your shoulders, neck and back. It also keeps your muscles from cramping as well as improves concentration and productivity levels.

If you feel the day weighing in on you, just borrow a few minutes from your lunch break or pause between work and try some relaxing yoga at work. Many companies offer yoga at the workplace, with training sessions held before or after working hours. However, if you don’t have access to this facility, you can practice the following yoga postures to stretch and rejuvenate the body:

Exercising during work is easy. To begin with, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Inhale, hold the breath and then exhale slowly. This in itself will help you feel relaxed and calm. Yoga at the work place increases the flow of oxygen and results in an energy boost. Try deep breathing before a big presentation or when you feel overwhelmed and you’ll feel calmer within minutes.

Exercise at workplace can consist of simple stretches in the form of twists. Twists are great for relieving tension in the neck, shoulders and the back. Sit on your chair with your back upright and your feet flat on the ground. In the seated position, twist from side to side, moving slowly, allowing all the muscles in your upper body to stretch fully and releasing tension.

Exercising while at work will help to increase blood circulation and prevent lethargy. The neck holds most of your day’s tension, distributing the pain through your shoulders and upper back. A few simple neck exercises can help you get rid of the pain and recharge. Stretch your neck up and down in slow, precise movements. Inhale deeply as you tuck your chin down towards your chest, and exhale as you lift your head towards the ceiling. Another way to release stress is to roll your neck, first clockwise and then anti-clockwise.

Similarly, you can ease off shoulder and wrist tension with a few stretches and pulls. Shoulder rolls, arm stretches and elbow pulls help melt the tension from your shoulders and upper back, while wrist rolls help you beat off carpal tunnel syndrome. Yoga body bends, on the other hand, help rush blood flow to the head and stretch all the body muscles. This eases cramps, muscle strains and increases energy.

Sitting in front of a computer all day can leave your eyes tired and dry. You need to try a few simple eye exercises to help maintain your eyes. At intervals, move your eyes away from the computer and blink purposefully for a few seconds. Another useful exercise is to rub your palms together so that they are warm. Then place your warm palms over your eyes for a few seconds. This will ease the strain on your eyes and help them to relax.