Yoga for Computer Users and Related Health Issues

The relevance of yoga, if anything, has been growing, despite the fact that this is a discipline with roots in ancient times. The modern urban lifestyle, with sedentary jobs, sees most of us slouched over computers most of the day and reclining in front of the idiot box most of the other time. A sedentary lifestyle is bad enough for your body and mind, but spending most of that time in front of a computer makes it a lot worse.

Almost all physiotherapists and health care experts are of the view that spending anything over a few hours at a computer a day can wreak havoc on your body. Of course it doesn’t really take a health expert to figure that out. We’ve all suffered the consequences of our lifestyle and what’s more worrying is that the long term consequences that many of us are not familiar with could be much worse. The reason spending most of the day working on a computer is so bad is because of the combination of work pressure and stress, along with the physical requirements and repetitive stress injury from computer usage.

Computer Related Health Issues

While the most common problem that we are all too familiar with classifies as ‘mouse injuries’, which are relatively mild wrist problems, prolonged usage can also cause aches and strains in the neck, back, shoulders, and elbows, as well as headaches, tension, and eye problems. All of these factors add up to take a toll not just on our personal lives but also on productivity, which today seems to be the only driving force in most people’s lives.

Yoga comes in particularly handy for anyone working indoors. Yoga for computer users is extremely simple and does not require any special knowledge or training. More importantly it does not take up much time and does not require any specialized equipment or resources. In fact you don’t even need a special place; simply switch of your monitor and practice some simple seated yoga poses to stretch and flex the arms, shoulders, and spinal column. The stretches and twists are great for relieving stress and tension in the upper body, and just ten to fifteen minutes of the activity can leave you feeling fresh and energized.

If you can also take up a weekend yoga routine or class it will help you tremendously as many of the yoga poses and sequences, though simple, can not be self taught and the guidance of an expert would be necessary. It would be well worth the effort as it does not take much time or money, and the health benefits you stand to gain can make a huge difference to the quality of your life.