Yoga Exercise to Get in Shape | Way to Get in Shape

How to get back in Shape?

Yoga can be as much fun as it is beneficial and if you are wondering how to get back in shape, it definitely has something for you. Yogic exercises are composed of a series of poses that are restorative and challenging. However, those who created the poses kept in mind that it’s a healing and restorative technique; therefore, no matter how hard a pose looks, it never causes you any discomfort or pain. If it does, it means that either you are not performing it right or that you have some debilitating condition that is preventing you from getting the benefit that you should.

It is good and important to have fun when you do these yoga poses. Most of these poses have been designed to give you mental peace and therefore, if any pose causes stress, it is best to not do it. These poses, in the course of your practice, will make you more relaxed, stronger, more focused and more balanced. They will also help you get in shape for summer so that you can sport your beachwear without feeling embarrassed. Since the word yoga means union, the poses aim to bring your physical, mental, and spiritual being all together to create a beautiful yet delicate balance. However, yoga is not magic and so you will have to practice it for a while for visible benefits.

Workouts to get in Shape

Try the poses that you are comfortable with and do it at your own pace; however, if you are serious about getting in shape it is best that you keep on doing it. Following are some simple exercises to get in shape.

‘Uttanasana’ or the Standing Forward Stretch

This particular pose is a stretching pose and aims to release the pressure off the back muscles. In this you simply have to bend forward while keeping your knees bent. Keep your chest close to your thighs. Try not to tuck in your elbows. Hold them and try to relax them. While doing this pose, it is important to keep your head very relaxed. Hold this pose for about thirty seconds to a minute before moving to the next one.

Standing Side Stretch

Bring both your arms over your head by stretching them. With your right hand, grab your left wrist. Lean over to the right and exhale while doing it and pull your arm while doing it. Next, inhale a deep breath and lean towards the other side while exhaling. Continue while taking deep breaths.

‘Prasarita Padottanasana’ or Standing Forward Wide Angle Pose

Bend forward to touch the floor from a standing position. You might not be able to without bending your knees so if that is the case, bend your knees slightly so that you can touch the floor. Now in the bent position, slowly try to separate your feet till they are about three to four feet apart. Try to keep your legs as straight as you possibly can.