Yoga for Impotence | Remedy, Cure for Impotence

Male Impotency

With our changing lifestyles come many health problems. Impotence or sterility in men is also on the rise owing to many lifestyle factors. Impotence is a disorder where a man’s penis is unable become erect during sexual intercourse. A person who is impotent, may also be unable to sustain an erection for the desired period of time. A change in food habits and the highly adulterated food that is available in today, pollution, depression and other neurotic problems, stress and sedentary occupations are all underlying causes for impotence.

Although impotence does not have any serious physical consequences, a person may become mentally distressed because of this condition. Ineffective sexual functioning can be detrimental to a person’s self esteem. If the person is not involved in a sexual relationship, impotence can greatly reduce the chances of him being in a sexually intimate relationship. However, if the man is already in an intimate relationship with a woman, the relationship may undergo severe stress.

Curing for Impotence

There are a lot of treatment options available for impotence. Unfortunately, not all of them guarantee hundred percent results. Also, because of the seriousness of the problem, many people market and sell spurious products that claim to cure impotence and infertility to earn a quick buck. It is always better to avoid counterfeit drugs or spurious aphrodisiacs that make tall claims of curing this condition completely.

Remedy for Impotence

For many years, Yoga has been considered a natural practice to remedy many ailments. In the long list of its many benefits, impotence also figures. Yoga is an ancient healing technique that uses postures and concentration to cure many acute and chronic diseases. It started in India about five thousand years ago. Since then, this healing technique has only been gaining in popularity. Yoga can not only help you overcome this disorder, but also help you master your emotions, promote self esteem, and enjoy overall health and well being.

Some of the poses and postures of yoga that are especially beneficial for impotence are the Bhujanga Asana (Snake Pose), Pawana Mukta Asana (Wind Relieving Pose) and the Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations). All three poses increase the blood flow to the genital area. In men, this increased blood flow removes and remedies the biological or chemical imbalances that might be causing impotence. These three poses are beneficial for women too. The increased blood flow helps keep the genital and the reproductive organs healthy and makes child birth easy.

If you are feeling stressed out because of your condition, yoga also offers meditative and stress relieving techniques that can help you remove any negativity and deal with all the negative emotions that are associated with impotence.